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While in Las Vegas, I was told about a trade show that is in my local area of Palm Beach.  When I got home from my trip I made sure to register right away! 

Trendz is a trade show that happens once a year and carries a wide variety of resort style clothing and beachy accessories. I wouldn't say Unhinged Boutique is "resort style" or "beachy" but I figured since it was close by, it was worth checking out.




After browsing down multiple rows, I came across some beautiful clay bracelets. That's when my obsession with Simbi began!



The booth is striking, RIGHT? I just had to stop by and see what all Simbi had to offer.

Simbi carries both clothing and jewelry that is made in Haiti. I fell in LOVE with the Simbi clay bracelets and knew I had to order every color for Unhinged Boutique!

The clay is from the heart of the Haitian’s mountains. Using one of the few natural resources available, Simbi Clay is designed to be ecofriendly and the clay beads are biodegradable. Each clay bracelet is uniquely handmade resulting in a one of a kind bracelet. The clay beads are all hand rolled, baked, painted and assembled. 

Everything from conception, manufacturing and sales is done in Haiti. This gives sustainable jobs and help those in need at the same time. Simbi does not see themselves as a charity, but as an ethical enterprise ready to help and support our community.

Each bracelet provides 15 sustainable jobs along with bringing clean water to the people of Haiti! AMAZING!


 I just can't get enough of these little bracelets!

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