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Little Black Dress..

If you live in South Florida you have probably been to PGA National, or at least heard of the place?  It is of one of the most famous golf courses around!  Other than the golf, they have an amazing restaurant, bars, great hotel rooms and a very elite spa. And don't forget about the cute golfers walking around in their tight golf shorts. #SuckerForGolfers

I was recently approached by the director of events at PGA National to be part of their "Girls Night Out."  This event happens once a month in the main lobby at PGA National.  There are multiple vendors set up so you can shop, drink and enjoy live music. And how could I forget, it's free admission to go!

Sounds fabulous, right?

Every month is a different theme, and for the month of June it was Little Black Dress!

When I arrived at PGA National they asked each vendor to donate one item to auction off at the event.  The money that was raised went to Relay For Life which is ran by the American Cancer Society. I, of course was very excited about this and donated 7 items!

It was such a fun event! They had an auction where you buy raffle tickets to try your chance at winning clothes. Women purchased raffle tickets and placed it in the bag for which items they hoped to win.

Once the raffle tickets were in the bag, they announced the winners!

There's nothing I love more than giving back to charity, drinking wine and of course shopping!

Make sure to drop by my booth at the next PGA National event! 

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