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What does #LTB mean?  If your not sure, don't worry, your not the only one!  This internet savvy girl actually had to "goggle it" herself.  It means "Lift, Tone, Burn."  And that is exactly what your going to do at Pure Barre!

This wasn't my first time at a Pure Barre location, so I knew I would be greeted by the nicest staff and hang out with the coolest "Barre Chicks."  All the ladies were awesome and they didn't drop until after they shopped. LOL!

I even had some of my regular Unhinged Boutique customers drop by on their lunch break to check out some of the new styles we got in.  I highly suggest dropping into the local trunk shows because we always have more items than what is shown on our website!!!

The best thing about Pure Barre is it's not your typical gym where they have you running on a treadmill, or the dreaded jumping lunges..(Insert scared face!)  It's all about core strengthening and toning up your muscle by slow and stabilized movements. 

I found out they do $5 Fridays, so definitely take the time to try out a class! Check out the introduction video HERE!

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Want to LTB at Pure Barre in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.?
 Give the manager Lauren a call at 561-622-7006

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