Powder_Blue_Moto_Leggings_Free_Shipping_Jeggings_Moto_Jeggings _Unhinged_Boutique_Zipper_Pants_
Powder_Blue_Moto_Leggings_Free_Shipping_Jeggings_Moto_Jeggings _Unhinged_Boutique_Zipper_Pants_
Beige_Khaki_Neutral_Powder_Blue_Moto_Leggings_Free_Shipping_Jeggings_Moto_Jeggings _Unhinged_Boutique_Zipper_Pants
Powder_Blue_Moto_Leggings_Free_Shipping_Jeggings_Moto_Jeggings _Unhinged_Boutique_Zipper_Pants
Beige_Black_White_Khaki_Neutral_Powder_Blue_Moto_Leggings_Free_Shipping_Jeggings_Moto_Jeggings _Unhinged_Boutique_Zipper_Pants
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Moto Jeggings - Powder Blue

Our Moto Jeggings have an edgy ankle zipper detail and a thick elastic waistband. Great fit and good stretch with unique ribbed detail on the knee. Each color variation is different, as they are hand-dyed and each production is different.

Small Inseam: 24"
Medium Inseam: 25"
Large Inseam: 26"

  • Material: 95% cotton 5% spandex.
  • Model: 5'9 and wearing a size small

The Moto Jeggings translated to jeans sizes:

  • Small: 0/2
  • Medium: 4/6
  • Large: 6/8

Fit Tip: Our Moto Jeggings fit like a legging, they are tight fitted yet stretchy and does not have back pockets.

Powder Blue Moto Jeggings Expected To Ship 7/24/17 or sooner!


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